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Don’t just find the dots, connect them.

Intellego XT offers scalable real-time analytics, providing actionable intelligence into a subject of interest.

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Inside SS8’s Intellego XT
Lawful Interception Compliance


Preventing Threats to Society

Knowledge is prevention. Threats can amount from anyone at any time, supported and concealed by the mass of communication data we all contribute to daily. Uncover the unknown with SS8 Intellego Investigator. Follow your subjects-of-interest (SOIs) not just across geography, but across multiple applications and all identities.

Intellego Datasheet
Preventing Threats to Society for LEAs Illustration
Turning Voice Data Into Intelligence for LEAs Illustration

Turning Voice Data Into Intelligence

Focused on forensics, Intellego XT monitors and analyzes voice and other communication data in real-time. Highlighting only key events of interest, it provides intelligence agencies with insights to help solve crimes.

Monitoring Center Solution Brief

Handover Support

Intellego XT supports 3GPP and ETSI standards and PCAP file format for encrypted handover interfaces to law enforcement agencies.

Overview for LEAs
Handover Support for LEAs Illustration - SS8 Networks

Are you receiving the best intelligence data?

Real-time communication intelligence solutions that support all network types to comply with local regulations or laws.


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Empowering LEAs with
Actionable Intelligence

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