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Compliant & Scalable Lawful Interception

Designed for real-time communication monitoring and extraction, Xcipio is a robust platform that excels in today’s high-speed networks.

Lawful Intercept Solutions

Flexible Architecture

High speed and real-time intercept platforms that provide both active, passive and hybrid communication data extractions.

Scalable & Secure

Scalable, secure and standards-based, Xcipio is a lawful intercept solution that supports complex and high volume networks.

Proven Compliance

Deployed in-network or as a virtual solution, SS8 ensures providers are compliant with regulatory requirements.

Powerful Mediation Capabilities

Single Click

Streamline provisioning a new environment with a single and intelligent UI.

Data Capture

High speed and real-time interception for both active and passive communication data.

Services Ready

Meet lawful intelligence requests using built-in location services.


Compliant interception for all network types, including 5G, with a single platform.


Support containerized deployments in addition to vitual or traditional in-network deployments.

Mobile Edge
Computing Ready

Increase efficiency by processing communications traffic on the edge.

Do You Have The Best Interception Platform?

Real-time communication interception solutions that support all network types to comply with local regulations or laws.

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