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  • Webinar The Data Silo Dilemma for Law Enforcement February 18, 2021  |  SS8 Webinar

    With all the information pushed and pulled from the myriad of 5G apps and devices, the number of events an investigator needs to process will soon skyrocket, This webinar series explores the struggles facing Intelligence Agencies as they gather data from disparate sources needed to solve crimes.

    In the first webinar of the series, you will learn about:

    • How you ingest all that information
    • How you process it for investigators
    • How you stay ahead of the deluge
  • Speaking Engagement Security & Policing Home Office – Virtual Event March 9, 2021 - March 11, 2021  |  Official UK Government Global Security Event

    SS8 will be participating at Security & Policing as a Silver sponsor.  Attendees can visit our virtual booth to discover how our real time communication interception, monitoring and analytics solutions are enabling intelligence agencies.

    Security & Policing 2021 is the official U.K. Government global security event, offering a world-class opportunity to meet, network and discuss the latest advances in delivering national security and resilience with UK suppliers, UK Government officials and senior decision makers across law enforcement and security from the UK and overseas.

  • Tradeshow ISS World Europe June 1, 2021 - June 3, 2021  |  Prague, CZ

    SS8 continues to be a sponsor at ISS World Europe and during the event, our CTO Dr. Cemal Dikman will be speak about Real World Interpretation of 5G LI Requirements and Implications for Carriers and LEAs, Stop by and talk with us to learn about how our latest communication interception, monitoring & analytics solutions are helping intelligence agencies ensure a safer tomorrow.

    ISS World Europe is the world’s largest gathering of Regional Law Enforcement, Intelligence and Homeland Security Analysts, Telecoms as well as Financial Crime Investigators responsible for Cyber Crime Investigation, Electronic Surveillance and Intelligence Gathering.


Press Releases

08Dec 20

SS8 Celebrates 20th Anniversary

SS8 Networks has reached an exciting milestone as the company announces its 20th anniversary as a lawful intercept and monitoring center platform provider.


SS8 Blog

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  • Enabling Lawful Intelligence at the Network Edge February 16, 2021
    The evolution of wide-area networking continues to drive processing out to the network edge. That trend first gained traction with widespread cloud adoption, and it accelerated as the global build-out of IoT began. Now, 5G’s massive increases in traffic rates and volume are leading more communication service providers (CSPs) than ever to build out multi-access […]
  • SS8 Celebrates 20th Anniversary December 10, 2020
    Two Decades of Lawful Interception Technology Innovation A couple of weeks ago, our marketing team let me know that SS8 was going to be 20 years old in December. The news seemed as though my own child was celebrating his or her 20th birthday and I started thinking about where all those years went. As […]
  • Sidelink and Its Impact on Lawful Intelligence November 24, 2020
    Many have used the terms uplink and downlink and they may become more colorful when our video calls drop off. But are “uplink” and “downlink” the terms used? No, for years there have also been “Sidelink” communications. That is, direct mobile-to-mobile communications, but without connecting to a telecom network. While it had modest beginnings, “Sidelink” […]