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Powerful End-to-End Lawful Intelligence Technology

Sensors & Extraction

High-speed mediation platforms providing both passive and active interception for the most complex and advanced communication networks.

Filtering & Delivery

Platform agnostic data filtering and retention capabilities, to collect and securely deliver data to intelligence agencies.

Real-Time Analytics

Advanced data analytics incorporating voice, video, device, location and metadata. Results are graphically displayed for ease of use.

Actionable Insights

SS8’s end-to-end lawful intelligence solutions provide law enforcement agencies real-time forensic insights to help protect our society.

Proven Expertise

For 20 years, SS8 has been a leading provider of lawful intelligence for national governments, communication providers and law enforcement agencies.

6 of the World’s Largest
Intelligence Agencies

8 of the 14 Largest
Communications Providers

5 of the World’s Largest
Systems Integrators