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Case Studies

Vans smuggling illegal contraband across a border.

Case Study: Border Security

A European government sought greater protection of its borders from illegal immigration, human trafficking, and smuggling. Without the ability to locate and track mobile devices,

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SS8 Networks & NEC Case Study

To meet the evolving needs for Communication Service Providers, SS8 and NEC have completed interoperability testing and have demonstrated long-distance compatibility between SS8’s Xcipio mediation

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SS8 Networks & Ocient Case Study

By working with SS8 and Ocient together, LEAs have the ability to work better, smarter, faster, and at a larger scale to address more threats, scale hard-to-find insights, and harness the power of data for good at an unprecedented level of performance.

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Intellego Case Study: Europe LEA

Learn how a European law enforcement agency uses our all-in-one Intellego Investigator solution to more rapidly and effectively respond to even the most critical threat-to-life crimes.

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How to Ingest, Filter and Query 5G Volumes

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