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The Data Silo Dilemma for Law Enforcement

This webinar is complete, but you can still watch it!

How to Ingest, Filter and Query 5G Data Volumes  

With FTTX and 5G, internet speeds have never been faster and with all the information pushed and pulled from the myriad of apps and devices, there are significantly more interactions and data points. As a result, the number of events an investigator will need to process, will skyrocket. It is time to break down the investigative silos and unleash the power in your evidence.

The webinar series The Data Silo Dilemma, explores the struggles facing Intelligence Agencies as they gather data from disparate sources. In part one of three we will address:

  • How you ingest all that information
  • How you process it for investigators
  • How you stay ahead of the deluge