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Impact of 5G on Lawful Intelligence: The Nuts and Bolts of 5G

This webinar is complete, but you can still watch it!

5G is here and according to commercials, it will change our lives for the better. It will enable many new and improved technologies—autonomous vehicles, augmented/virtual reality, telemedicine and ones yet to be envisioned. But what does 5G mean for law enforcement analysts, who are extracting intelligence from all those devices or for the telecom operators, who are required to deliver the intelligence data. 

Impact of 5G on Lawful Intelligence, is full of insights as to how high bandwidth, low latency and device volume will impact Lawful Intelligence gathering. It will explore how 5G will change the nature of crimes and how they are investigated, requiring new digital crime scenes and new investigative techniques.

Listen to Kevin McTiernan, SS8 Vice President National Government Solutions, in the first installment of our webinar series on the impact of 5G on Lawful Intelligence, The nuts and bolts of 5G. You’ll understand the basics of the fifth generation of mobile and how it impacts lawful intelligence.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • How we arrived at the fifth generation of mobile
  • What 5G is going to bring
  • The innovations that both make 5G possible and impact law enforcement