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Impact of 5G on Lawful Intelligence III: 5G Evolving Crime Scene

This webinar is complete, but you can still watch it!

With 5G networks gigabit connections will be available for both home and business and many new innovations will enter the market. But just as with every innovation before, these will be adopted and then adapted by criminals. How police investigate fraud, attacks on critical national infrastructure, human trafficking, drug dealing, bank robbery and even homicides will change with these innovations. And unfortunately, entirely new classes of crimes will be created.

In the third installment of the webinar series, Impact of 5G on Lawful Intelligence, we will discuss how our communications are changing and where they may lead. How criminals may adopt and adapt to these new communications and what kinds of useful information devices may have for investigators. Lastly, we will discuss how law enforcement tools used today, will need to change and new tools are needed.

Listen to Kevin McTiernan, SS8 Vice President National Government Solutions in the third installment of our webinar series on the Impact of 5G on Lawful Intelligence, The Evolving Crime Scene.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • How are we using services today and what that means to telecom operators and law enforcement
  • How new communications technologies may be adapted and adopted by criminals
  • What new sources, new techniques and new tools will be needed in this new environment