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RESOURCE: Whitepaper

Child Abduction & Trafficking Part 3 – Technology Used to Recover Missing and Abducted Children

Download this whitepaper to learn the lawful interception technologies law enforcement can use to solve missing children cases.

In the final paper in our series on child trafficking investigations, we examine the compliant mediation and analysis tools available to law enforcement. With proper authorization, the right platform can collect, monitor, analyze, and visualize communications histories, live intercepts, and more, revealing location, timeline, and pattern of life insights on persons of interest.

 Such solutions should be virtualized, automated, and 5G-ready and perform various functions in real time, such as:

  • Ingest, sort, fuse, and enrich any data source, regardless of file type or formatting
  • Run dynamic, bespoke queries and analysis against large, varied data sets
  • Rapidly visualize results in accurate, easy to use, dashboards