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Lawful Intelligence Blog

LEA Overview

For more than 20 years, we have optimized our solutions for Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) analysts and enabled them to turn complex data sets into actionable intelligence in real-time.
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Migration to 5G and Its Impact on Lawful Intelligence

5G Migration Strategies for Mediation Platforms Regardless of your starting network structure, 3G or 4G, you need a strategy to migrate your Lawful Interception platform upgrades to ensure continued compliancy. The transition to 5G can feel overwhelming at times and missteps can cause compliance issues.   …

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Pre-empting Danger with Lawful and Smart Intelligence Solutions

Download this free white paper to learn more about Law Enforcement intelligence solutions. Law enforcement needs timely, data-oriented intelligence to stay ahead of threats to society and telecom operators must provide communications interception, to comply with regulatory and security requirements.…

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AXS-7100 Sensor Datasheet

Intellego is our comprehensive digital communications analysis and reconstruction tool, designed specifically for law enforcement and agencies to filter irrelevant communications, reconstruct voice and data intercepts, and turn that information into actionable intelligence.
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