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The transition to 5G networks by wireless network providers will radically increase the number of new high bandwidth applications and as such the technology demands and requirements on lawful intercept and intelligence tools. 5G networks will not only exponentially increase bandwidth per subscriber to multi-gigabit levels, but low latency offered by the 5G networks will propel autonomous driving, IoT, gaming, messaging, entertainment and many other applications and services.

All major communications service providers are planning to provide 5G service to their customers will need to make significant changes and enhancements to their LI capabilities. 5G is required to comply with the legal mandates and requirements in every country. These changes in the LI technology include:

SS8’s industry leading Lawful Intercept platform, Xcipio is the first LI platform deployed for initial 5G trials and production deployments. Xcipio provides wireless network and broadband operators the most comprehensive, efficient, and technologically advanced solution to the new monitoring and intercept demands of 5G networks.

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About SS8 Networks

SS8 provides Lawful Intelligence platforms. They work closely with leading intelligence agencies, communication providers, law enforcement agencies and standards bodies and their technology incorporates the methodologies discussed in this blog. Xcipio® is already proven to meet the very high demands of 5G and provides the ability to transcode (convert) between lawful intercept handover versions and standard families. Intellego® XT natively supports ETSI, 3GPP and CALEA handovers, as well as national variants. Intellego XT’s MetaHub component is a best-in-class data analytics tool. Both product portfolios are used worldwide for the capture, analysis and delivery of data for the purposes of criminal investigations.

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