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Are you Ready for 5G Lawful Interception?

Are You Ready for Lawful Interception

5G Brings on new challenges for regulatory compliance. SS8 is leading in 5G Lawful Interception (LI) mediation, with the 1st 5G deployment in production. We are working with our customers who are amongst the largest and most innovative telecommunications companies around the world, as they trial and launch 5G services. We hope this blog will help you identify the important questions needed to get the 5G LI conversation started.

Are you planning to deploy 5G?

Share your plans for 5G with SS8 and we look forward to collaborating with you for technical compliance, trials, launches etc.

Have you considered an Lawful Interception solution for 5G?

Whether you have or are thinking about 5G LI compliance, the SS8 LI platform has to be considered. We are the 1st 5G LI deployment globally and heavily involved in 5G LI planning and solutions worldwide.

What is the impact if your organization does not launch 5G service this year?

Lawful Interception is in most cases, the last piece of the solution before launch. SS8 excels in Time to Market with a history of launching number of firsts. SS8 will collaborate to provide a LI solution that fits your needs in the shortest time possible.

Are you cloud ready or on path to be cloud ready soon?

SS8 supports Hardware, Virtual Machine and Cloud deployments. For 5G especially, cloud support is important for scale and cost-effectiveness. SS8 is a leading cloud based LI provider, including ETSI Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Private clouds.

What is the rough number of subscribers in your network?

Size and scope of the planned 5G deployment will help us provide you with options and solutions as well as pricing options.

What infrastructure providers are involved in your 5G plans, including NEPS  and Cloud infrastructure?

SS8 works with a number of Network Equipment Provider (NEPs) as well as cloud providers, including ETSI NFV compliant clouds. SS8 likely has a working relationship with existing NEPs in your 5G network. SS8 will be happy to engage with the NEP providers to discuss integration and solutions.

What are your plans for bandwidth-hungry applications such as Netflix for 5G lawful interception?

With 5G comes great speeds and bandwidth requirements. This means that a targets content has to be intercepted and delivered to the Law Enforcement Agency (LEA). SS8 has solved this problem from scale, cost, and compliance perspective.

How do you plan to handle increased mobile bandwidth delivery to LEA?

SS8 addresses local LEA requirements as well as being fully compliant with ANSI, 3GPP and ETSI. We can help integrate with existing LEA equipment or provide LEA equipment of our own. Service Providers are welcome to use SS8’s CF for lab trials and verification.

Are IoT applications planned on your 5G network in 2019?

IoT and other applications that require low latency, high bandwidth are inevitable with 5G. SS8 was the 1st to deploy an IoT LI solution on Advanced 4G.

Who is involved in your 5G decision?

SS8 will be happy to be a part of your 5G journey, collaborating with you all the way with the goal to solve your compliance requirements in a price-effective and timely manner.

SS8’s industry leading Lawful Intercept platform, Xcipio is the first LI platform deployed for initial 5G trials and production deployments. Xcipio provides wireless network and broadband operators the most comprehensive, efficient, and technologically advanced solution to the new monitoring and intercept demands of 5G networks.

Start your 5G Lawful Interception conversation today with SS8

We would love to discuss your 5G LI challenges and how our solution can help you solve your compliance needs.

To learn more about Lawful Interception in 5G Networks Download our Free White Paper.

About SS8 Networks

SS8 provides Lawful Intelligence platforms. They work closely with leading intelligence agencies, communication providers, law enforcement agencies and standards bodies and their technology incorporates the methodologies discussed in this blog. Xcipio® is already proven to meet the very high demands of 5G and provides the ability to transcode (convert) between lawful intercept handover versions and standard families. Intellego® XT natively supports ETSI, 3GPP and CALEA handovers, as well as national variants. Intellego XT’s MetaHub component is a best-in-class data analytics tool. Both product portfolios are used worldwide for the capture, analysis and delivery of data for the purposes of criminal investigations.

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