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Acceler8 Growth with Lawful and Location Intelligence

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Lawful and location intelligence technologies are critical to the missions of law enforcement, the intelligence community, and emergency services organizations worldwide. They help agents safeguard society from street crime, serious and organized crime, and terrorism as well as respond to emergency calls. Advanced mediation solutions also help communication service providers efficiently maintain regulatory compliance while providing highly effective lawful interception.

Law Enforcement Agency and Communication Service Provider customers sometimes obtain technological capabilities from small-to-medium sized providers such as solution integrators and resellers. Specialized domain expertise in lawful and location intelligence can be a challenge for such providers, however, which typically operate in many other market segments as well.

The SS8 Acceler8 program is designed to fill that gap with a comprehensive partnership to drive deals forward and build lasting success. SS8 is a global intelligence leader with nearly 25 years of experience meeting customer needs and a commitment to protecting personal privacy. Through Acceler8, member companies gain credibility and the positioning to deliver innovative lawful and location intelligence, enhancing their product portfolios of adjacencies such as cybersecurity, threat intelligence, storage solutions, and network equipment.

Guiding Philosophy: Partnership Rooted in Shared Value

SS8 is invested in empowering Acceler8 partners to engage with prospective customers, driving SS8 offerings further into the marketplace. Likewise, member companies extend their reach into SS8’s markets and existing customer base to diversify and grow revenue. Supported by our team of domain experts, reputation in the industry, and robust products, your company can expand its prospects and opportunities.

Our lawful and location intelligence platforms meet the most rigorous legal and technical requirements and standards worldwide. The Acceler8 program puts them into the hands of our partners and is founded on three pillars of value:

  • Trusted, expert partnership. With nearly 25 years of global industry experience, SS8 is an industry leader in lawful and location intelligence. Our solutions conform to the highest regulatory and security standards in jurisdictions around the world and are trusted by 6 of the world’s largest intelligence agencies.
  • Proven, compliant solutions. International telecommunications standards guide the development of all SS8 products, and our longstanding memberships in 3GPP, ETSI, and EENA put us at the forefront of advanced, standards-based interoperability, functionality, and design.
  • Secure, flexible, and scalable. SS8 solutions are deployable in-network or in the cloud for topologies from 2G to 5G and beyond. Security such as warrant-authorization and data-access controls and scalability for your client’s most rigorous needs are bolstered by 24/7/365 support from SS8 experts.

World-Class Implementation: Comprehensive, Defined Deal Path

The Acceler8 program is first and foremost a vehicle for SS8 to foster deep alliances with member companies. Business and technology teams from SS8 and our partners collaborate to understand each other’s capabilities and needs. Together, teams develop their complementary joint customer offering as the foundation for winning deals together.

The result is a powerful approach that plays to each company’s strengths and spans the entire customer engagement cycle including marketing, sales, implementation, and support. From the onboarding process forward, SS8 provides partner support that includes the following:

  • Comprehensive training programs. Acceler8 educates partners about SS8 offerings, sales strategies, and post-sale implementation to facilitate deals, with ongoing classes and brown-bag sessions to keep up with roadmaps and new releases.
  • Competitive pricing. Favorable terms for member companies are structured to deliver value to them and their clients, helping to build ongoing relationships and profitability.
  • Co-marketing materials and opportunities. To help strengthen and accelerate partners’ go-to-market initiatives, Acceler8 provides marketing and sales collateral and support for joint promotional campaigns.
  • Ongoing partnership support. The Acceler8 commitment to member success supports you with the resources and knowledge to develop and build on a long and profitable relationship with SS8.

Transformational Benefits: Mission-Advancing Outcomes

Partnering with SS8 differentiates a company from its competitors and opens the door to projects it would otherwise not be able to bid on. Adding our lawful and location intelligence to your portfolio can increase profitability by offering clients multiple solutions in a single product suite.

Acceler8 member companies gain authority in intelligence services through SS8’s reputation and decades of success across network generations all over the world. Members also play an instrumental role supporting service providers in meeting their legal and regulatory obligations to help generate real-time, actionable intelligence for law enforcement and government intelligence agencies. SS8 Acceler8 pays long-term dividends to your company such as:

  • Expanding your solution portfolio. Set your business apart and deliver enhanced value backed by SS8’s technology and expertise to customers in the commercial and government sectors.
  • Accelerating your growth. Gain increased visibility in new markets and with new decision makers to propel your sales volume and revenue.
  • Helping safeguard societies. Position and deploy robust lawful and location intelligence to fight crime and render emergency assistance with real-time forensic insights and deep offline analytics.

About Jeff Jones

Jeff Jones, SVP SS8 Networks

Jeff Jones is the Senior Vice President of Global Sales for SS8. Jeff has over 30 years of experience leading sales and global go-to-market organizations. At SS8, he is responsible for leading our lawful and location intelligence sales teams worldwide, as well as our overall channel organization. Prior to joining SS8, Jeff was the Global Sales Leader of Juniper Network’s Data Center Automation sales team. In addition, he has served as the Global VP of Sales at Apstra and the EVP of Global Sales, Alliances, and Channels for the PFX Security and Tools Division at Netscout. Before that, Jeff spent 17 years at Apple in various sales and leadership positions. You can learn more about Jeff by clicking on his LinkedIn profile here.

About SS8 Networks

As a leader in Lawful and Location Intelligence, SS8 helps make societies safer. Our commitment is to extract, analyze, and visualize the critical intelligence that gives law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and emergency services the real-time insights that help save lives. Our high performance, flexible, and future-proof solutions also enable mobile network operators to achieve regulatory compliance with minimum disruption, time, and cost. SS8 is trusted by the largest government agencies, communications providers, and systems integrators globally.

Intellego® XT monitoring and data analytics portfolio is optimized for Law Enforcement Agencies to capture, analyze, and visualize complex data sets for real-time investigative intelligence.

LocationWise delivers the highest audited network location accuracy worldwide, providing active and passive location intelligence for emergency services, law enforcement, and mobile network operators.

Xcipio® mediation platform meets the demands of lawful intercept in any network type and provides the ability to transcode (convert) between lawful intercept handover versions and standard families.

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