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Intellego XT Overview

Don't just find the dots, connect them. Correlate intelligence from every touchpoint and gain useful, actionable insight with SS8 Intellego.
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SS8 Company Overview

From humble beginnings as an IP packet signaling company, we evolved into a global expert in next-generation networks and communications analysis. We work with the world’s top intelligence agencies and the largest network operators, to help keep the world a safer place.
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The Power of PXE

A powerful and highly-optimized deep packet inspection engine, PXE is capable of not just identifying, but truly and deeply understanding network traffic in real time. PXE uses heuristic pattern matching techniques to classify traffic by inspecting flow content, which succeeds even if tunneling or obfuscation techniques are used.
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Xcipio for Wireless Voice and Data

SS8 has the proeven experience to assist service providers in the process of implementing an end-to-end communications compliance solution. SS8 Xcipio Compliance significantly reduces telephony and data connectivity costs and issues, limits the required interface cards on the elements, increases the capacity of the total solution, increases security, and simplifies provisioning and management for today’s wireless providers.
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Intellego: Powerful Call Detail Record (CDR) Analysis

As the volume of calls has increased, so has the need for intelligent filtering. How do you identify and focus on the important calls within a network during your investigations? Does your current system scale for large data sets – especially those where several individuals are involved? Download the CDR whitepaper to find out how to improve your investigations with Intellego.
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