Communication Monitoring and Analysis

SS8's Intellego™ communication monitoring and analysis solution is a key component of SS8's end-to-end lawful interception solution. Intellego enables law enforcement and national governments to monitor and analyze suspects' communications as they happen—in real time. And leave no packet unturned.

Are you collecting smartphone communications? Social media? Other swiftly changing applications and protocols?  If not, you may be missing important intelligence. Talk to your Carrier to make sure they are collecting the data you expect. Then use Intellego to analyze these important communications, and much more.

Whether you are an analyst in a wire center or monitoring center, or an intelligence analyst tasked with multi-source intelligence, SS8’s Intellego  platform is available in various formats to meet your specific needs:

With limited analyst resources, four main ingredients are necessary for today’s collection and analysis needs:

  • filtering irrelevant communications,
  • reconstruction of voice and data intercept, and
  • multi-source data correlation;
  • effective analysis tools for identity and multi-suspect correlation,  pattern analysis, automation and alerting. 

Intellego’s numerous benefits include:

  • Reduced analyst time via:
    • Automation to identify well-known codewords or other keywords in data and voice;
    • Filtering of irrelevant data - skip the subject’s irrelevant video streaming;
    • Correlate subjects’ numerous online identities;
    • Quickly identify hidden relationships.
  • Thin client for lower operational expense and complexity;
  • Simplified analyst environment to go from many to one all-in-one analysis solution.
Intellego Overview

The combination of SS8’s Intellego communications monitoring and analysis application with Xcipio® mediation  and the Xcipio® probes provide telecom providers, law enforcement and national governments with a total end-to-end intercept solution from a single provider—a solution that addresses today’s needs and positions governments for the next wave of investigative and analytic needs.

For more information on Intellego and SS8's Intellego Internet communication monitoring and analysis application, download the following product information:

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