Communication Monitoring and Analysis

SS8's Intellego™ communication monitoring and analysis solution is a key component of our end-to-end communications compliance strategy. Intellego enables you to monitor and analyze your suspects' communications as they happen—in real time.

In a world of growing internet speeds, increased access to data applications, and encryption, it seems like criminals are finding more and more ways to slip through the cracks. Trying to keep up with the massive amounts of communication data generated by a single suspect is already hard enough. 

When you consider your limited resources and the ever-widening head start that technology is giving to SOIs everywhere, everything depends on your ability to respond to threats quickly and effectively. Maximizing your efficiency is crucial to preventing and solving crimes, as well as preserving national security. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to show them that you can not only keep up, but get ahead? With Intellego, you can! 

Intellego is a comprehensive digital communications analysis system, designed and built by SS8 specifically for you to extract actionable intelligence from all the noise. A key component of our end-to-end communications solution, Intellego enables you to monitor and analyze suspects’ communications as they happen – in real time. 

Intellego is built with the capabilities to combine these data sources to extract intelligence, then mine huge data sets to uncover communications relevant to maintaining security:

  • Social Network Analysis
  • Data Intercepts
  • Voice Analysis
  • CDR Analysis
  • Link Charting
  • Location Tracking

Real-time monitoring allows investigators to view chats, text messages, or social media postings, and react as they happen. Using Intellego’s intuitive, easy-to-use GUI requires minimal training and no specialized computer skills, even for the most complex tasks.

Intellego gives you access to:
  • Threat Profiler, a tool you can use to automatically highlight key suspicious communications
  • Analysis capabilities to identify communications to, from, or between key suspects
  • Visualization capabilities that can represent these communications and relationships pictorially, allowing you to rapidly see communication patterns that may otherwise be hidden.
Watch the following video for a brief overview of Intellego:

Stay ahead of the game and safeguard your society with SS8’s Intellego communications monitoring and analysis application. Combine Intellego with Xcipio® Mediation and the Xcipio® probes for our total end-to-end interception solution, and be ready for anything. 

Intellego is available in multiple formats to suit your interception needs:

For more information on Intellego and SS8's Intellego Internet communication monitoring and analysis application, download the following product information:

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